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The Oregon Freediving Company

Freediver/Breath Hold Survival/Spearfishing

Freediver/Breath Hold Survival/Spearfishing

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Join us for 5 days of Freedive training that will train you to keep your cool even in the most stressful of situations.  This course is perfect for anyone who enjoys being comfortable and confident in confused or heavy water.  Whether you're a big wave surfer, extreme athlete, rescue team or military.

 We will be running this course 2/18-22 in Puerto Vallarta MX in conjunction with BTE Rescue. February 18 & 19 will be Freediver level training giving you all the skills and safety to hold your breath for up to 4:00 and dive to a maximum of 20m. February 20 & 21 will add complexity to those skills and teach you to apply them even under duress.  February 22 we will focus on harvesting food on breath hold and hone our spearfishing skills.  Our open water dives will be aboard the super panga Alcatraz II with our trusted captain Jacobo.

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