Collection: Spearfishing Retreats

Oregon Coast Spearfishing Retreat/Class
The Oregon Freediving Company is happy to host three days of diving and spearing the Oregon Coast.  Join PFI Advanced Instructor Trainer and shop owner Dan Semrad for three days of spearfishing instruction, diving, harvesting, and telling fish stories.  
When: 8/23 - 25
Where: Rockaway Beach, OR
What:    -Beach Lodging
              -Spearfishing instruction
              -Guided spearfishing (all 3 days conditions permitting)
              -Fish filet and packing instruction
              -Rockfish cook off (come ready with your favorite recipes, win prizes)
              -Optional certification available (NAUI Underwater Hunter & Collector)
Accommodations & Pricing:
Bedroom 1: 1 King Bed $875, can be split for the single bed price $750), please call
Bedroom 2: 1 Queen Bed $850
Bedroom 3: 1 Queen Bed $850
Bedroom 4: 4 Single Beds $750 each

*If seeking certification please add $30 to prices listed.

Basic outline of our schedule:
   Arrival and check in, sign the appropriate paperwork, Academic session one then safety briefing and then dive the evening high slack.  Come back to the house and break down and pack our catch.
  Morning dive with a huge time window given the favorable tidal exchange this day.  Come back and break down our catch, discuss observations and techniques, cover more theory and prep for rockfish cook off.  For anyone who hasn't already harvested their limit there is an evening dive window as well.
  Morning dives, then process fish, checkout and head home for the weekend.

Is this course for you?
-Having a freediving certification is a prerequisite for this course.
-We will be diving no deeper than 50' with most of our hunting 30' and shallower.
-You will need your Oregon Fishing License (as well as a shellfish license if you want to harvest shellfish)
-Primary targets include rockfish, greenling, and lingcod.  Other possible targets include cabezon, perch, sole, crab, urchin, scallops and sea cucumber.

Let's go have some fun and harvest some delicious food from the ocean!