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Hawaii Intermediate + Breath Hold Survival + Spearfishing

Hawaii Intermediate + Breath Hold Survival + Spearfishing

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Join us for 5 days of training in Hawaii!  We will be centered around Kona and training 3/24 - 28 with an optional day 3/29. 

You will have the opportunity to earn your PFI Intermediate Freediver, PFI Breath Hold Survival Pool, and Spearfishing certifications during this training.

Intermediate: Maximum depth: 40m, Maximum Static: unlimited

BHS Pool Only: Keep your cool even in the most stressful situations and confused water.

Spearfishing: Learn to harvest tasty treats from the ocean safely and sustainably.

Required gear:

Warm water freedive/spearfishing gear.  We will not have rentals available for this course, but as always, student discount applies to any gear purchases.


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