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The C4 300 is a "traditional” ambidextrous style foot-pocket. This is where traditional ends.

Light Weight. These pockets are by far the lightest on the market. A pair of the . 7/8’s weighs only 11 ounces, or 316 Grams. Compare to the most well-known pockets in the same size range of on average 21 oz or 600 grams. The lightest foot pocket previously in the same size are 14 ounces. Save your legs up to 20 ounces in weight for each pair!

Shape. C4 studied the 300 for comfort and to achieve the best hydrodynamics. Look carefully at the bottom of the 300 pockets and notice the bottom. From the tip of the foot pocket side rails to the base of the heel it’s designed for fluidity and continuity of the shape and strength. Note the thickness of the material is much thinner than most traditional rubber and synthetic rubber foot pockets

Resistance to wear and tear. In terms of “WEAR AND TEAR” of the material to scratches, cuts, and cracking usually experienced with regular foot-pocket rubber the C4 300’s are in a league of their own. The proprietary material used is seven times stronger than rubber C4 used in the Mustang foot pockets and the rubber used in the vast majority of foot pockets on the market.

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