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C4 Falcon Mask

C4 Falcon Mask

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The C4 FALCON has been conceived and designed by Enrico Sala, renowned diving products designer, specifically for deep freediving.

The greatest feature of this mask is the low internal volume, obtained thanks to a design focused on containing space and a single piece structure.

The silicone skirt features an inner gasket and a velvet finish that greatly increase its sealing capacity.

The geometries are highly hydrodynamic and the mask travels through water without any tensions typical of deep dives and fast ascents.

The field of vision has been optimised so has to be reduced in the unnecessary areas but allowing a great vision for spearfishing too.

The buckles are attached to the mask skirt allowing for a very good and even fitting when wearing the mask.

Falcon is available in five colors: BLACK, SILVER, WHITE, RED CAMOUFLAGE and SKULLS.

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