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Octopus Fakir Noseclip

Octopus Fakir Noseclip

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Thanks to the FAKIR noseclip you can equalize both ears and maskhands-free. Its structure in Tritan®  is extremely strong but also slightly elastic. This flexibility acts like a spring. When the pressure increases beyond what is needed to equalize the middle ear, the noseclip opens very slightly, just enough to allow some air to go through and thus to equalize the mask. It will be up to you to find the perfect tightness that works for you, depending on your mask model and the shape of your nose. 

It is to ensure that the noseclip will stay positioned in the optimal zone that we have developed our two innovations: the micro-teeth and an adjustable elastic band.

A noseclip that: 

  • will properly stick to the correct area of your mask
  • won’t move during your entire session
  • works with almost any diving mask on the market. 

Whatever your discipline, freediving or spearfishing, using the hands-free Fakir noseclip will allow you to simply relax more and/or to leave your hands free to operate your equipment. 

Designed and tested by Swiss record holder Pascal Berger (-131m VWT ). Made in Switzerland, for a quality you can trust.

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