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Omer Alpha Wolf Mask

Omer Alpha Wolf Mask

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The ALPHA WOLF is OMER’s most advanced mask for spearfishing: it combinnes a wide-angle marine vision withe the latest lens technology and a full hydro 3D camo effect.

The highly durable mirror stalking lenses help to hide the hunter’s eyes from fish, which are often scared by human’s eyes.

The color spectrum of the marine vision lenses help to improve contrast: they reduced red/orange color spectrum and in return, increase blue/green: a fish silhouette gains distinction and becomes more visible.

Full hydro 3d camo effect (even the masks straps!) provides a camouflage that conceals the contour of your head and blends you perfectly into the hunting ground.

The ALPHA WOLF mask integrates its frame into the surprisingly soft silicone skirt for exceptional comfort and super easy access to the textured nose pocket for a quicker and more precise equalization.


  • Colors: RED STONE camouflage
  • Lens: high contrast amber mirrored marine vision lenses
  • Mask volume: low
  • Strap: 3D hydro printed silicone strap
  • Included: air mesh mask case

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